May 12, 2021

Sorry for taking too long. I don't have much to say this month that isn't confidential.
I've been doing game development related stuff, not on my main project. The experience gained might make me rethink certain aspects of it though.
I've been trying to get into learning japanese on the last few days too.
That's pretty much it. I'm thinking about a lot of shit lately but I can't really put it into words.

Persona 1 (PSP): I finally got to finish this. I dunno man, I like this a lot but the combat is a prime example that complexity =/= good and the dungeon design is one of the worst in the series. Plus the PSP remaster is really butchered. Even then, they set out to do a character driven story and I think, for a first entry, it's really solid in that regard.

[DATA EXPUNGED]: This is not much about the game but the conversation around it tbh. So, the context of this is a personal and short game that was taken out of its niche (rpg maker community, twine community, etc...) and it was put on display in a community where reviewing games is one of the intended interactions (but not mandatory). And then, just because this game existed and had an eye-catching name, people in there feel compelled to leave their piece of mind on it, even though they really had nothing to say about it because they didn't get it. People were throwing around terms like "t*rget audience", saying normally they would give a low score they'll make an exception cause it's so personal. Like, y'know, you can just not review it, not everything that exists needs your piece of mind. I think some people are not ready to accept games as art, or maybe consumerism warped their mind so much that it fucked up their perception of art and they see everything as some sort of storefront... and I find baffling that this is coming from people that are up their own ass about “art critique”. I don't know, I want to say more but I'm smooth brained and right now I'm feeling uninspired, I was more heated about it back when it happened and I could probably have written something much better back then. But I feel this is the type of stuff that could end up being a case study, heh.

AZUSA 999: This game is a piece of history that can finally be played in english, a PC-98 RPG Maker game made in '97 by a single developer for a game contest. I'm glad I was able to play it.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin: I love this game so much, despite its flaws on the experimental JRPG systems. It has the best characters in the entire megaten series (the ones I played) and works so much better as a character driven story than any of the other persona games. I can't wait to play Eternal Punishment.

April 3, 2021

I feel like a lot of shit happened on this month yet I don't have much to say about it (not surprised).

I worked on my unity project early on the month and I was doing great but I unfortunately needed to interrupt my streak... and I had to do it in the middle of coding a system and it will be a pain in the ass when I pick it up again (should check everything and put it on paper when I do, that'll make things easier).
I interrupted my work because I had a moment of enlightment where I decided to stop having some bad habits that make me feel like garbage (and failing to do so but it's still an improvement) and also wanted to organize/categorize the download folders on my PC and my phone, which took an entire week to do and I'm not even done with it :)) if it feels like a bad excuse it's because it is one.

A week ago I tested positive for c0v1d and that shit sucks omfg. I mean, I don't really care what happens to me but I'm afraid of the fact of passing the virus to a high risk person and it gave me a lot of anxiety having to tell everyone I was in contact with that I have it and I hate the administrative procedures I'm gonna need to do at work because of it and I hate being an inconvenience to others . . .

Also, updated the puzzle bobble thing, probably the last update to that unless I find anything else I guess.


13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim: Damn, I really wanted this one to blow my mind, but in the end it was just overhyped I guess. It's very good, I like it a lot and the narrative design is really solid, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece by any means.
The visuals are good, sometimes it can look uncanny but it's a risk that comes with choosing this art-style. The combat is cool but it could use a few improvements. Those two are a few things I can overlook but certain aspects of the plot really ruined it for me, I think they bit more than they could chew.
Like for example, and I will enter SPOILER territory here so skip for the next game if you don't want to read this: You have a lot of shit that's going on in the real world like wars and climate change and the such, and you decide that for your game, the world ended because a rogue scientist leaked some nanomachines on the black market? What the fuck? and then the reason because the Kaiju exist and attack the world is because a character wanted to cut corners and used a videogame's code for the simulation? That sounds so lame. And speaking of the simulation, I kinda hated that plot twist? Like, I really loved it when I figured out that the game was telling me that each sector existed physically next to each other and time travelling didn't exist, and that went down the drain when they made it all a simulation, like it just didn't matter, it doesn't matter if sectors are next to each other or they are the same place but a different time. I dunno, it just killed my excitement. Tamao's monologue at the end is pretty rad though and piecing the plot together was fun after all.

Everhood: A game that has the Yiik effect on me. I liked this during the moments it wasn't trying to be undertale. So what we can learn from this title is "Don't do someone else. Do you."

Peggle: Shut up it's not about pegging the pegs it's about throwing balls at the pegs, it's different.

Florence: Short game about a girl that meets a boy. I love the ost and the art-style but the rest is okay. It has a few moments of "mechanical brilliance" and a lot of missed opportunities.

Yakuza (PS2): I love this game, combat's a little on the janky side, not as responsive as it should be but you still feel like a one-man army when you manage to pull off what you want to do, plus the game world looks gorgeous to me. I can't say much about the side quest since I didn't do that many but some of the main quests can be annoying (specifically the one that involves giving food to the girl, that shit was so tedious).

That's all for now, I have a lot of things to think for the next month and my legs hurt and I have no taste (literally), buh bye.

March 2, 2021

I know I said I was going to start working on my projects, and I really did... but not as much as I wanted to. The thing is pretty organized with its kanban board and documents but I still suck at respecting a schedule. I did progress anyways, and I'm happy with it and learned a lot but it barely looks any different from "the-thing-I-do-everytime-I-start-a-project".
Here's a small gif of it:

‹Skipping some hours as you can see.›

The cool thing I did this time is designing and programming an in-game clock, similar to Digimon World or Moon: Remix RPG Adventure. When I tried to design it I was stuck for a few days... I was doing it all wrong.
I wanted to start by designing the small behaviours of the NPCs like walking around randomly and the such, but I found out it's much better to start big and then go after the smaller details, so I scratched everything and designed the in-game clock first and went down from there. So yeah, lesson learned, I was stupid.
This is what's documented so far: In-game clock -> Days of the Week -> NPC Scheduling -> NPC Behaviour. For now only the first two concepts are implemented in the prototype, I'll see if I can add the rest now or if I need to finish some other project task first.

I bought a PS4, so that library of games is available to me now, I'm playing 13 sentinels right now and it's pretty nice, it's giving me some really good uchikoshi vibes, and since I started exercising, I can do bike and play that at the same time, heh.
Also I started to work again. Only once a week though so it's cool and it gives me some time alone (sometimes that is), also I can really focus on designing when I have some free time in the office.
Uhm, another thing is that I started another MMO... I'll try not to become obssesed with it. For now I think it's barely above average, they say it gets better but the only thing I want from it is to make some frends (˘-ω-˘͈).

Last thing before the reviews is that I opened a new page on this site, it's an additional page dedicated to Puzzle Bobble 4 backgrounds, so be sure to check it out, even if you don't know the game, it's interesting... or at least... I think... it is... . . . . . .

Mini reviews time.

Higurashi 1-2: They're pretty good but I'm not reading it at the same rhythm as Umineko. I think it is because I'm already spoiled by the anime and I think there are too many of the slice-of-life scenes, I dunno, I'll definitely try to start Ch.3.

Tamashii: A game by the same developer as Estigma. It's a fun puzzler with a mix of Giger and fleshy-body horror aesthetic. It has its moments but it uses -spoilers- 4th walls breaks at the end to be scary and it ruined the experience for me. Let's not do that for horror anymore, the rest of the game was fine.

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN': I hate this game, it is so newgrounds and I hate newgrounds, it has sr. p*lo art and I hate sr. p*lo, I hate it so much. Some songs sound good but that's all.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Where do I start with it. It's been years since I engaged with any Marvel/DC media but this one came with the PS4 so why not? People said it's good.

I had mixed feelings from start to end.

Gameplaywise, it's an open world. It fills the checkboxes of the modern open world template: enemy camps, towers to unlock points of interest, experience points and level ups, branching skill trees, stealth, etc... The combat is similar to the Arkham games but what sets it apart is the navigation around the world, it's awesome, I won't say "you really feel like spiderman" but it's pretty entertaining. Plus I have a thing for rooftops and tall buildings with a lot of windows, and New York has a lot of those. Stealth as Spider-man is also as fun as fighting. I would say the flow is pretty good if it wasn't ruined by the obligatory MJ/Miles stealth missions. They're just boring, it's like the Ashley section of RE4 but several times (It appeared only once in that game for a reason). I'm all up for giving MJ a bigger role but those missions are just boring and serve no purpose but exposition, just give her spidergirl powers or something. (At least Miles gets an entire sequel).
And about the plot, I ended up sympathizing with the villains and at this point I don't even know if that's a good or a bad thing. You see, in Spiderman you're basically a cop that protects a billionaire from the people he ruined the life of. That's all pretty much, whatever twists it has were either too obvious or were spoiled by knowledge of the universe. Also not sure if I'm the only one that noticed it but it has this normie-tv tendency were its constantly trying to be touching more than it should? Like it feels out of place in some dialogues at times.
For now, I won't give it the benefit of the doubt since it's a triple-A, but most of the bad stuff here can be subverted by the sequel, I doubt they will though.

Got tired, it's 7 AM and this is a mess but idc see you next month.

February 3, 2021

I finally finished the about page yesterday, so I can finally show this page to the public soon, hope it doesn't look cringy. I took my time but the 'base' page is done and hopefully it'll evolve with time.

In other news, I finished the game design course so I no longer have excuses to not work on personal projects anymore, hehe, so I should start working or learning something else soon.

And as promised, I'll talk a little about the games I played on the last month, note that I don't intend these to be serious reviews or whatever, just throwing a few words out there about how I felt about them.

Attack of the Friday Monsters: This game is pretty charming and I like what it tries to do, it is definitely a work of passion, but I think the feeling that it's trying to achieve just didn't hit me. If I ever get the chance, I want to try Millenium Kitchen's main series, Boku no Natsuyasumi, I have a feeling that it does a better job at that.

Estigma: A short game made by a small team from Brazil. The main game is pretty fun, it looks gorgeous and I love the little nods to Paranoiascape. After finishing it, it gives you a clue to solve an ARG inside the game files. I'm not a fan of those since at this point they don't surprise me at all, but after finishing it, it gives you some cool rewards, among them, a manifesto against "gamer culture", something I found pretty based.

To end this entry, I'd like say that I have one 'shrine' prepared, a compilation of sorts, of something only yours truly cares about, you'll see.

January 26, 2021

It's 5 AM and the power has been cut for more than 24 hours now. It's summer so the temperature is around 30°C right now. At moments like this, there's nothing better than a good VN in the middle of the dark and silent night.

I finished Umineko a few days ago so I'm still very hyped about it, and my body's been asking for more 07th Expansion content, so I started Higurashi, even though I promised to wait a little before starting another VN.

Umineko has been a long and wonderful journey and I feel like it's going to leave a long lasting impact on me, I wonder if I'll able to write something longer about how I feel about it once I finish digesting it.

I'll talk about the games I played on this year so far on the next entry, I just don't feel like it right now.

Also, I haven't worked on the about page yet, I dunno if I'll work on it tonight but I'll try to work on after I'm done with my class project (tomorrow).

Yeah, it's going to be troublesome if the power doesn't come back until then, since it's online classes...

January 14, 2021

First entry here, I don't have much to say. It's been 3 weeks since I registered here but I can finally say that the home page and this one are finally usable. I gotta work on the 'about' one now.

Other than that I don't have much to say, anxiety has kept me from progressing on other things.

The Marias.